ZX Retro Wireless – Coming Soon!

A little something in the pipeline born out of parts delay for the Zx Retro Wireless, for the Next and tape nostalgia fanatics – bluetooth loading device redesign with “touch case changing mode feature” for sound to light pulsating in time with your external audio that your thumping out your audio equipment, or Specy blowing up another fleet of alians. Retro load with a progress bar instead of guessing where you are in the loading progress like other devices

There is a Youtube channel devoted to its testing and showcase so you can see how it operates, i will also record a short intro video soon. So here is the new revised design designed with real tape cases, made by hand in the UK. SHIPPING VERY SOON

In the new release…

1.Brighter lighting

2.Light display selection from just touching the sound to light

3.New slimline breakout box with on off switch for your spectrum

4 Black or white versions for the Next and 48k

5. See through case styling

Note: This is a hobbyist project not commercial venture thus design is subject to change where appropriate improvement. It is sold part funding Cancer Research fundraisor. Please kindly respect this unique design, and don’t reverse it, as we are trying to “save lives” with it, and give users a retro feel good fix.

Thank you for your support

Richard Szerman