Hello and welcome to my new website dedicated to ZX Spectrum and Next.

Written by Peter Ward

Hope you will enjoy the new site from the same people who brought you retrogamemaster.co.uk

The site will include reviews and interviews from people who made the games for the Spectrum in the past and the Next now.

About me:

I am the Editor of retrogamesmaster.co.uk and zxspectrumnow.com

I have done freelance writing for Player Spirit Magazine in France. Also Ecomasphere Games; Our first game Polybius Invaders is available on steam.  I also have 3 books I’m working on and soon to be in the Button Bashers Movie Directed by Lee Bolton.

I have been a Spectrum fan since playing a 48k Spectrum around my mate in the 80s.

I remember playing my first game Jack the Nipper by Gremlin and being wowed by the game as before then I used to play pong on a home system.

I remember asking my parents for a Spectrum for Christmas and was lucky to get a Spectrum +3.

Yes you will say Amstrad had taken over at this point but i didn’t care as I had a Spectrum with disk drive and separate tape deck.

I only had a handful of games on disk so most of my games were on cassette.

I managed to build up a big collection of games from boot fairs and spend my pocket money on Hit Squad games and Kixx titles.

Some of my favourite Spectrum games included:

Gauntlet 2


Road Blasters

California Games


Super Test 1 and 2

Gift of the Gods


Batman the Movie

Head Over Heels



Cosmic Wartoad

Skool Daze


Rockstar Ate My Hamster

Dizzy games

Monty Mole games

Jack the Nipper


Rolling Thunder


Turbo Outrun


Arkanoid 2

Super Stuntman

Pro Ski Simulator

Horace Goes Skiing

Death Wish 3

Ms Pacman

ATV Simulator


Bubble Bobble


The Way of the Exploding Fist

Barry McGuigan Boxing


Double Dragon 2

Chips Challenge

Rainbow Islands

As you can see I enjoyed a lot of Arcade Conversions on the Spectrum.

I never imagined I would be playing games that I used to play in my local arcades in Dover and Folkestone.

Image from http://www.langfordproductions.com/