Mailstrom (1986)

Published by
Ocean Software Ltd.
Developed by
Reptile Industries
ZX Spectrum

Mailstrom (1)


Picture an English town at the dawn of the 21st century. Oil from the   North Sea ran dry years before; leading to riots and revolution. A coup   took place resulting in major criminal figures governing the country.   From the debris of this anarchy emerged a familiar yet unexpected sight;   a bright red post van.       This was, however, no ordinary van: Bristling with weaponry and equipped   with a highspeed propulsion unit, the van stood as an ironic reminder of   the way things used to be.      

At the heart of this armoured postal delivery vehicle is the latest   Special Knowledge and Information Terminal (S.K.I.T.), a sophisticated   computer system which controls the vans surveylance, weapons and   propulsion systems.       The driver of this formidable machine is postman Michael Nasty: Rooted in   better times, he continues to deliver the post, nothing and no-one will   be allowed to stand in his way. “The mail must get through”!  

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The Game:   You are Michael Nasty and your objective is to maintain the last outpost   of a formerly proud postal service in a crumbling society.     Collect letters from the “OUT” chute in the sorting office, this will   cause several numbers at the bottom of the screen to light up. These   numbers correspond to the numbers of houses to which you must deliver   letters.  

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  Open post boxes (by any means at your disposal) to find sacks which must   be stored in your van for later. when a sorting office appears deposit   the sacks (stored in the back of your van) in the ‘IN’ section.      

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At any sorting office the number of sacks you deposit in the ‘IN’ chute   will determine the number of sorted letters you can retrieve from the   ‘OUT’ chute, of that office on the following day. At the end of each day   you will be told how many sacks you must store in the sorting offices on   the next day in order to continue the game. If you fail to deposit at   least that number of sacks, the game will end.  


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I got this game as one of the bundled +3 games with my Spectrum +3.  And it definitely  enhanced my interest in the game with the very short loading time. I remember the controls to start a little difficult to get to use well actually the icons when you go near the van take a some practice. I can only compare this with Paper Boy which I will review at a later date. You play Michael Nasty and will do anything to get your deliveries done in a rough neighbourhood. You are armed with one bomb at the start of the game which you can use to break into letterbox. Some letterboxes have mail one has armour and turbo for mail van and the greatest i found was A skeleton key enabling you to open many boxes.  I seem to remember it is just after the sorting office at start near house 17.

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The visuals are great for 1986 the van was red the clear visuals white and blue work well for the streets and buildings. You aim is to avoid thugs and not to run over people and get to sorting office to get you letters to deliver. I found this game very challenging but very addictive running super pursuit  mode is great fun armoured up and turbo. This is a hidden gem worth a play enjoy.