Super Stuntman (1988)

Published by
Codemasters Software Company Limited, The
Developed by
Codemasters Software Company Limited, The
Also For
Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64

A brilliant stuntman simulation.   Featuring:

  • Desert car chases
  • Power speed-boat racing
  • Frantic forest rallying
    Turbo boost Grand Canyon jumping!!

      As SUPER STUNTMAN, you must fight your way through fires, explosions,
cannonballs and more to complete each scene. All the while, the bad guys try
to barage you into the blazing fires.   Each scene presents a different challenge…              


Scene 1) Deadly CAR CHASE through the boulder strewn desert.


Scene 2) Ultra-fast POWER BOAT race.


Scene 3) Weave your way through the trees of a forest at break-neck speed.


Scene 4) Use turbo-boost to jump the GRAND CANYON… or face a grizzly death
on the rocks below.


Scene 5) Battle it out with the violent street gangs at midnight on the
streets of New York.


Scene 6) Steer your boat through the rapids in the rough white water chase.




If you hit the red fires, or if a cannonball hits you, you will crash. On
each scene you can crash twice, and get a bonus each time for showing amazing
action. But if you crash a third time you are dead and the game is over.   Hitting the rocks does not harm you. When you hit other cars/boats you gain
extra points for showing more action.              


When this game come out it got mixed reviews and a lot of people comparing it to Spy Hunter. I actually felt it played very well and was fun and action packed with a varied selection of levels from car chases to speed boat chases. The level designs were nicely laid out with amazing jumps and obstacles. The visuals were pleasing and the scrolling smooth and fast. If you do not make comparisons to spy hunter I think the game holds its own as a great action packed fun game that was very underrated at the time.