48k Turns 40

By Peter Ward

Who can believe that on the 23rd April 2022 the 48k is 40 years old!

Sir Clive Sinclair had a plan to make a affordable computer to try to get a computer into households.

In 1982 at £125 the 48K was cheap compared to competitors. This price which brought us the future bedroom coders many still in the industry.

If it was not for this little machine I have may never got into computing. My first experience was trying this at my mates; first he showed me Jack the Nipper and then typed a bit of basic showing me scrolling text and borders.

From that day all I wanted was a Spectrum and like most kids begged for one for Christmas.

It took a few years and I had to wait until 1987 when I got a +3 Spectrum and seperate tape deck and have never looked back.

This site would have never been made if it was not for my love for the Spectrum.