Double Dragon II (1989)

Published by
Virgin Mastertronic Ltd.
Developed by
Technos Japan Corp.

Also ForAmiga, Amstrad CPC, Arcade, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, Game Boy, Genesis, MSX, NES, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, TurboGrafx CD, Wii, Wii U


Fighting through the hostile terrain, Billy and Jimmy will encounter
thugs and villains (see the Cast List for details). Some of them will
be armed, and it may be possible to force them to drop their
weapons to the floor. Every now and again you'll find that a careless
hoodlum has left a useful weapon lying on the ground. Whenever
you get the chance, pick up a weapon and put it to use.

Spades, daggers, powerballs, boxes, chains, grenades, logs and
whips can all be wielded to good effect against the marauding
hordes. Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity to even the
odds. As skilled fighters, Billy and Lee immediately become
masters of any weaponry you can get into their hands.

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Fight, fight and fight some more is the only way to rescue Marian.
Billy can stage a one-brother rescue mission, but the chances of
success are much higher if he can enter the fray with Jimmy by his
side. (If two players embark on the quest to raise Marian, then they
should work as a team and remember to keep an eye on their
respective partners.)

Each of the five game sections has to be completed before the
timer above the main screen reaches zero - or the heroes lose one
of their precious Shinto lives. Hits from members of the Black
Warrior wrecking crew also reduce the Lees' life force, taking
power from the brothers' two life-status displays shown below the
screen. The total number of lives Billy and Jimmy have at their
disposal is shown by a digital readout immediately above their
life-force meters.

The route to Marian's location takes the battling boys relentlessly
to the right of the screen. The only way to move from one section
of the play area to the next is to kill off all the Warriors lurking there
- once the zone is empty the Guiding Hand will appear in the skies,
urging Billy and Jimmy to move to the exit point.

As Jimmy and Billy have led such clean, honest lives, the Shinto
Powers that rule the universe have granted them a limited level of
immortality to be going on with. (Should they succeed in the
mission, full Shinto Deity status is accorded to them before they
move on to another space-time continuum.) If one of the brothers
Lee should meet an untimely end, it is possible to activate one of
the five immortality credits the Shinto Powers have granted - the
quest can continue with a freshly rejuvenated hero.


I have been fond of side scrolling beat em ups and Double Dragon was one of my first I only played the first Double Dragon in the arcade.
And the other game like this which was like this was Shinobi.
The Story line is Marion has been kidnapped by a gang called the Black Warriors and Jimmy and Billy will fight there way through many levels to save her.
The visuals of this game are good and the game is very playable with 1 player but much more fun on 2 player.
I would put this game in my top 5 scrolling beat em ups and this is certainly worth a go.