Mikie (1986)

Published by
Developed by
Konami Corporation
Also For
Amstrad CPC, Arcade, BBC Micro, Commodore 64, Electron, SG-1000

In school, Mikie has decided to take a message to his girl-friend
in the schoolyard. This is far from an easy task though – which
is where you come in…

Mikie has to go through five different areas: the classroom,
locker room, canteen, gymnasium and schoolyard. In each area he
must collect all the hearts on the screen before moving on to the
next one. Each time he collects a heart, a letter is added to
a message at the top of the screen. The staff, however, are not
too happy at this and will do their best to catch Mikie

1. CLASSROOM – Mikie must collect the hearts from under the
seats of his classmates, who are sitting on the hearts. He has
to bump people onto another seat before picking up the heart;
meanwhile, the teacher will attempt to catch him and will
occasionally get so frustrated that he throws his false teeth at
Mikie. Contact with the teacher or the teeth loses you a life.


HALLWAY : Having done that, you must leave the room and go into
the hallway, where you will be presented with a row of doors. The
one leading to the next room is marked with “in”; Mikie must go
there while avoiding the patrolling janitor and teachers.


2. LOCKER ROOM – you must collect three hearts from each of
the lockers, by facing a locker and shouting once for each heart,
and avoid capture by the teachers. If they get too close, Mikie
can pick up a basketball and hurl it at his pursuers to distract
them. After the locker room, it’s back into the hallway again.


3. CANTEEN – Mikie has to gather the gather the hearts
scattered around on the floor and shout at the ones on the table.
Again, you are pursued, this time by cooks; you can distract them
by picking up chickens and throwing them at the pursuers.


4. GYMNASIUM – collect the hearts while avoiding the dancing
girls. Contact with one stuns you, allowing the gym master to
catch you.


5. SCHOOLYARD – Mikie has to collect all the hearts here while
avoiding the three caretakers. If he gets them all, he can go to
the top of the screen and give his girlfriend a kiss and his

Help Mikie get the message to his Girlfriend. Join him in high-jumps
at school and outwit the Teacher, Maniac Janitor and Chef. Loads of
fun and excitement in this computer arcade game!



Move Mikie through the school by collecting all the hearts in each
section (Classroom, locker room, canteen, gymnazium and finally the

Each heart collected represents a letter in Mikie’s message to his
girlfriend at the top of the screen and when the message is complete
he can move on to the next area.

There are two types of hearts to collect

(1) Single hearts – To be found on the floor and under stools. To
collect thses you must walk over them. (You can bump your classmates
off their seats to obtain the hearts with “HIP-ZAP”).

(2) Triple hearts – Placed inside lockers and on the top of tables. To
collect these, face the hearts and press “SHOUT” (FIRE) three times.
N.B. Flashing hearts give bouns points.

When the message is complete and the bell rings Mikie can move on
through the door marked “OUT”.

Now you must negotiate the hallway which is full of doors and suprises
and find the right entrance marked “IN” to continue. You have five
lives to begin with, but be careful as you are constantly being
hassled by those in charge, the Teachers, Chef and Maniac Janitor who
get very annoyed when they can’t catch you!


You can stun your pursuer by taking Chicken or Basket Balls and
throwing them (in appropriate screens).

You may become “Stunned” by kissing and dancing girls or from the
Traps which lie behind some of the doors in the hallway.

Watch out for the Teacher, if he gets really mad he might throw his
false teeth at you!

On the 5th screen, in the schoolyard, you finally catch up with your
girlfriend and deliver the message. O.K.

You can pause for breath in the classroom by sitting on a vacant
stool… but not too long!


I remember buying this in my local Newsagent on the Hit Squad label.  The nice cartoon art attracted me to it and the loading screen was very impressive indeed.

And the theme tune A Hard day’s night by the Beatle’s was pretty cool.

The aim of the game is to collect all the hearts and avoid being caught be teachers and staff around your school; once you have collected the hearts each heart fills out a letter and fills out message on the top of the screen.

This is my second favourite School game Skool Daze being my favourite.

Give this game a go its great fun.