Ms Pacman (1985)

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General Computer Corporation, Midway
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Meet the Queen of the Video Games!

Gobble up dots, eat energy pills and delicious fruits, but beware of

the ghosts.


Ms PAC-MAN scores points by eating the dots in the maze whilst avoiding

the ghosts. Flashing Power Pills are located in each corner of the

screen. Eating a Power Pill will turn the ghosts blue with fright for a

few seconds, during which time Ms PAC-MAN may chomp the ghosts to score

more points for each ghost she catches. They will blink before they

turn back to their true colours and then Ms PAC-MAN had better beware!

When Ms PAC-MAN has eaten all the dots, she reappears in a new maze

where the ghosts move faster. In each successive maze, it becomes

harder for Ms PAC-MAN to eat all the dots without being caught.

Ms PAC-MAN can travel from one side of the screen to the other by using

the Escape tunnels. The pursuing ghosts are slowed down through these

tunnels so make good use of them…


At the begining of the game Ms PAC-MAN has five lives. She is rewarded

with an extra life when she reaches 10,000 points. Extra points can be

earned by eating the bonus fruits which appear from time to time.

If Ms PAC-MAN is caught by a ghost then she loses one of her five


To hold the game press the H key. To resume game play press the H key




I used to play a lot of games in the arcades during my childhood and loved playing Pacman and Ms.Pacman.

Ms.Pacman seemed a little more colourful and more fun than the original.

I was happy when I managed to find a copy of it at a local bootfair.

Loaded it up and if I remember was fast loading cassette must of been very little data.

As with Pac-Man you guide Ms.Pac-Man around mazes eating pellets and avoiding ghosts and eating power pills to destroy ghosts.

To increase your points you can collect fruit to increase your points.

Very addictive nothing else I can really say 🙂